Since 2001 our company represents the world's leading manufacturer of specialty starches Crespel & Deiters.

At Crespel & Deiters we have a wide range of specialty starches to meet the productivity needs of high-performance corrugators.



Although C&D is a factory prepared to manufacture any type of starch, the growth in demand for quality from our customers has led us to growth in sales, especially in modified and special starches.

The special starches are custom designed for each client based on their specific manufacturing needs, considering variables such as machinery, a combination of papers, production speeds, curing times, and quality requirements of their clients.

Crespel has a great variety of close to 30 different references of special starches.

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C&D's modified starches cover the middle range between native starch preparations and specialty starches, both in performance and cost.

When in doubt about the most suitable type of starch for your facilities, contact our technical team to carry out a previous visit and a subsequent pilot test.